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Rex Mossop

Prop 1956 - 1963

Rex 'The Moose' Mossop played the game in a bull like fashion and pulled no punches in his long career as a TV commentator. He was born in Fivedock in 1928 and moved to Balgowlah as a six year old in 1934. Within ten years of moving to the Manly district Rex was playing first grade rugby union for Manly at the tender age of 16.

Rex played five rugby tests for Australia before turning professional in 1952 to play rugby league for English club Leigh . He returned to Australia in 1956 to become an outstanding force for the Sea Eagles.

Mossop played in the tough 1957 and 1959 losing Grand Finals against St George. He was sent off in the 1959 Grand Final after a notorious run in with Harry Bath.

Rex played in nine rugby league test matches and was vice captain on the 1959 Kangaroo tour.

He played 132 first grade games for Manly over eight seasons scoring eleven tries. He retired at the end of the 1963 season aged 35 to take up his career as a TV commentator for 27 years.

Ken Arthurson on Rex Mossop:

Rex Mossop is a true Australian original whose turbulent and eventful life has made him one of the giants of sport and television for as long as most of us can remember.

The Moose has lived his life fearlessly, always speaking his mind regardless of the consequences. Men of high principles can't help stomping on other people's toes occasionally, and Rex has accumulated his share of enemies in both media and sporting circles over the years. As he says in his book, a man without foes has led an inconsequential life. He's dished out plenty, but he's copped plenty, too.

I believe Rex is the best and most authoritative commentator on the game of rugby league this country has seen. He knows league inside out - everybody acknowledges that - but the qualities that led to him becoming a legend as a football caller are the exact qualities that made him special as a player - and make him special as a man. Qualities such as integrity, bravery and the ability to give his best even when hurt. He is a man of great moral courage. If Rex Mossop has ever taken a backward step, I don't know about it.

From the Foreword to Mossop 1991.

Sources: Smith 1991, p 73; Whiticker and Hudson 1993, p 226; Mossop 1991.

A young Rex playing rugby union for Manly in the mid forties

Playing for the Sea Eagles in the late fifties

The best and most authoritative commentator on the game of rugby league

Pics from Mossop 1991