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Brookvale Park Plan of Management

September 2002 (Extracts)


Brookvale Park is a significant recreational facility which plays an important role in both the local and national sporting environment as well as providing much needed neighbourhood park areas. Almost everyone in Warringah knows Brookvale Park and where it is. This Plan of Management aims to provide a sound basis for the management of the Park, with Council working towards the fulfilment of the following vision.

“To develop and manage Brookvale Park in such a way that a harmonious balance is achieved in its use as both a regional sporting/event facility and neighbourhood park. This is to be attained through the ongoing involvement of the community and considering stakeholders needs.”

The following objectives aim to uphold, protect and enhance community values and address community needs, whilst integrating Council management processes in an ongoing planning framework.

  • To develop and implement collaborative and effective decision making and management processes which involve relevant stakeholders and ensure that relevant interests and needs are taken into account.
  • To develop Brookvale Park into an area which is open, accessible, attractive and inviting and which caters for both active and passive recreational pursuits.
  • To develop the Brookvale Sportsground into a multi-purpose and high standard event facility which is strategically planned and managed and takes the needs of all the Park users and stakeholders into account.
  • To formally acknowledge the history and culture of Brookvale Park and the important role it has played within our community since its establishment in 1911.
  • To ensure an ongoing commitment to Warringah’s environment through the development of effective and innovative practices to minimise the impact that Brookvale Park may have on the wider area.

Development Proposals

33. Underground Car Park Feasibility Study

Undertake a feasibility study into the development of an underground car park at Brookvale Park. The car park is intended to provide parking for patrons of Brookvale Park and be combined with a bus interchange to provide improved public transport options for the Northern Beaches. The feasibility study should address issues such as economic viability; environmental impacts and benefits; impacts on social amenity and the ongoing enjoyment of the Park and surrounds; protection of values and the requirements of relevant legislation. The Plan of Management is to be reviewed should the underground car park proposal prove to be viable. The study is to be completed within 12 months of the adoption of this Planto ensure other actions are not unduly delayed.

49. Improvements to Jane Try Stand

Develop architectural plans for the expansion and improvements of the existing Western Stand (Jane Try Stand). Once the required development assessment procedures and relevant consultation has been undertaken the plans may be implemented. Expansion and redevelopment is to include (but not be limited to) provision of extra seating, corporate and media boxes, amenities lift, new roof and disabled facilities. Council should be satisfied that this development is viable, will not unduly impact on the neighbourhood and is necessary to the ongoing success of Brookvale Park. Action 55 must be undertaken prior to implementation of this action.

50. Improvements to Southern Stand

Develop architectural plans for the expansion and improvement of the existing Southern Stand including additional seating. Once the required development assessment procedures and relevant consultation has been undertaken the plans may be implemented.

51. New Scoreboard

Construct an electronic scoreboard and canteen facility at the northern end . Once built, the current score board is to be removed. Action 53 to be carried out before this development can commence.

53 New Grandstands

Investigate and research the need for the development of the proposed South East Link Stand, Eastern Stand and Northern Stand. The investigation should take into account the implication such a development would have on the whole of Brookvale Park and the surrounding residents. The investigation is to recommend which development is most suitable, ie the South East Link Stand with the Eastern Stand or the Northern Stand. The development may include the provision of covered seats, hospitality areas, amenities, player change rooms and storage areas. Should the South East Link Stand and Eastern Stand be preferable then a new entry gateway is to be incorporated into the development and the existing entrance way is to be removed and the area appropriately landscaped. Development of the Eastern Stand is not authorised to extend into the land categorised as park and may need to take up some of the existing hill for it to be constructed. Should the Northern Stand be preferable the development should consider incorporating the existing northern ticket boxes and turnstile.

54. Retain a Hill

Retain a grassed spectator area (hill) at Brookvale. The area retained will be dependent on the investigation as described in Action 53. Either the northern end of the ground or the Eastern Hill is to be retained for event patrons to enjoy.

55. Refurbishment of Existing Facilities

Investigate the condition of all Council owned buildings and facilities at the Park and develop a 5 year plus maintenance and refurbishment schedule to upgrade any buildings where necessary.

56. Playing Surface

Replace the sportsground surface with the most suitable surface for multipurpose all year round usage. Action 58 to be carried out prior to implementation of this action.

57. Drainage

Investigate options for improved sub- surface drainage, in- ground irrigation and suction drainage to increase infiltration capacity. The maintenance schedules and required work under this action are to be included in the investigation.

58. Ground Configuration

Investigate alternatives for the configuration of the actual ground and implement as feasible. Investigations should consider configuration changes for a variety of sports including baseball and athletics (300 metre track). Both permanent and possible temporary configurations should be considered. Consultation with the relevant local sporting bodies is to be undertaken as part of this action. This action should be undertaken prior to the replacement of the surface as stated in Action 56.

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